5 tips how to write a good GPT

How to write a good GPT

Credit to: Chase Lean

Original Link: https://x.com/chaseleantj/status/1723675978239815821?s=20

Tip #1 Keep the instructions short and simple.

It's very tempting to give it lots of info and instructions.

But I've found that the longer your instructions, the more likely GPT will ignore some of them.

Therefore, if you want a good, reliable GPT, only include necessary info.

Tip #2 Repeat important instructions

If there's something super important that you want it to remember...

Write it at the start of the prompt.

And repeat it again at the end of the prompt.

Tip #3 Make it user friendly

Guide your users through the process.

Whenever possible, give them a list of options to choose from.

For example, instead of asking the user to provide a logo style, I asked them to choose one below:

A) Playful

B) Neutral (default)

C) Serious

Tip #4 Use parameters

Don't just ask the user how detailed they want the logo to be...

Ask them to choose on a numbered scale.

For example:

On a scale from 1 to 10, how detailed should the logo be?

1 - extremely simple

5 - balanced (default)

10 - extremely detailed

Tip #5 Ask for feedback

It's impossible to get it right first try.

Ask your users what they think, then keep iterating and updating your GPT to make it better.

The important thing is to have faith in yourself, and hit the publish button at the start!

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