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Homepage Ranking

  • Purpose: To provide equitable exposure opportunities for all new GPTs, especially upon their launch.

  • How It Works: At the start of each day, the homepage will feature a randomized assortment of GPTs for the first 4 hours (PT). This approach distributes visibility more evenly among new GPTs launch/schedule on the day.

  • Adjustability: Based on community feedback and observed outcomes, this feature is adaptable, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of our user base.

Key Benefits:

  • Fairness in Exposure: By randomizing the homepage display, every GPT gets a fair chance to be noticed by the audience, especially during critical launch periods.

  • Enhanced Trust: Strengthening the credibility of the ranking system by preventing manipulation, thereby fostering user trust in the platform.

  • Community-Driven Adjustments: Continuous improvements and adjustments based on community feedback, ensuring the feature aligns with user expectations and market dynamics.

Note: These features are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a transparent, fair, and community-focused platform. We encourage feedback and suggestions to further enhance the user experience.

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