How to AI: Claim Your GPT Hub

Guide to claim you GPT to gain access to advance analytics of your GPT and edit permission

Anyone can launch on GPTsdex, but now we’re making it easier than ever for GPT Builders to take control of their GPT Hub. Claiming a GPT Hub means you are verified as the owner of the GPT page and able to manage permissions as well as the most important content on your Hub.

Why is it important I claim my GPT Hub?

GPT Hubs are valuable to GPT Builders because they are the central place for the community to learn all about your product’s journey: launches, reviews, awards, and news. Claiming your Hub will give you the rights to edit your page’s content and have access to exclusive features that will help you create, grow and engage with your community of followers over time.

Once you claim your GPT Hub you will gain the access the GPT and their advance analytics.

How can I claim my GPT Hub?

Claiming your GPT Hub is easy. You just need to submit your email and go through a verification process to confirm your ownership.

If you don't have one, that's ok. You can fill out the additional information field to help our team verify your request. In both cases, you'll receive below verification email after this step.

What if my email doesn’t match my product domain?

  • If your email address doesn't match your product domain, your request will be sent to moderation for approval, and we'll get back to you once the verification is complete. In this case, we highly encourage you to keep your profile up to date.

  • After the request is reviewed by moderation, you will receive an email saying if the claim was rejected or approved.

  • If approved, you will be added as the owner of the Hub.

How much time does it take for my claim to be reviewed?

Although most of the requests take less than 48h to be reviewed, in some cases, additional information is needed for our moderators to verify ownership of a Hub.

To help speed up this process, here is what you can do:

  • Before submitting the claim, make sure to fill out any additional information providing details to help prove your ownership (social media links, etc.).

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